Moving with them from one premises to another around town !

A number of Osteopaths, male and female, have been and gone in that time, and I have received treatment from most of them. Without exception they have all been friendly and courteous, as well as impressively efficient at diagnosing my complex condition and alleviating the pain and restricted mobility it has caused. On occasions they have worked with my G.P. to provide the best possible outcome for me.  Without their attention I probably would have been quite disabled many years ago.

I was surprised to discover the wide range of medical conditions that osteopaths can assist with, beyond the joint pain and muscular stiffness, etc. that immediately spring to mind as their area of expertise.  I have been pleased to recommend to others the free 20-minute no-obligation back check that is offered, having every confidence in their honest diagnosis and advice, with no pressure as to how this should be followed up.

Successive receptionists have also been very pleasant and helpful, resulting in a relaxed atmosphere throughout the practice. Although I visit for serious medical attention, I always feel I am among friends.